Tech N9ne’s Music Helps a man relearn how to talk.

Tech N9ne

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Tech N9ne’s music helped Virginia teen Kyle Pinelli recover from a vegetative state, according to ComplexKyle Pinelli was in a dire state after a car accident left him comatose. While listening to Hip Hop music, he regained his use of vocal chords.

“It was at Shepherd Center that Kyle’s mom was asked a question that wound up having a profound effect on Kyle’s recovery,” Complex reports. “’His therapist asked me what kind of music he liked. I told her rap. She asked who was his favorite artist. I said Tech N9ne. She was a young, hip therapist and said, ‘Oh, I know Tech N9ne.’ After pulling out an iPad that the therapist had Tech N9ne music already loaded onto, she played Kyle ‘Fragile,’ followed by ‘Dysfunctional.’ It was when ‘Dysfunctional’ started playing that Kyle’s mom took a few pictures, and the moment wound up being a turning point for Kyle, as two months later his first words since the accident were ‘Dysfunctional’s chorus.”

Tech N9ne said he actually got emotional thinking about Kyle’s recovery.

“Reading it, I got choked up,” Tech N9ne says. “I’ve been knowing for a long time that my music helps a lot of my fans and gives them an idea of what to do in life. We hear a lot of stories about how our music saves our fans’ lives. A lot of them say ‘Suicide Letter’ kept me from suicide’ or ‘Mama Nem’ really got me through after I lost my mom or grandmother. And the fact that it helped Kyle come out of a vegetable state, that’s crazy. That means, before he had that accident in the truck, he really dug those songs.”

Kyle is now on his way to recovery.

“As of July 2015, just over a year after the accident, Kyle’s recovered tremendously,” Complex reports. “While he still has some nerve damage in his arm as well as some memory issues, Kyle today has the same vibrancy and zeal for life as he did before the accident happened.”