ranked Tech N9ne’s contribution to the JACO soundtrack, “Shine,” as number 2 on their Top 10 HipHop Singles of the Week. Strange Music released this song on earlier this week. It’s available for download by itself or on the JACO Soundtrack CD at Amazon. In case you weren’t aware, JACO is a Documentary Film about the legendary bassist, Jaco Pastorius, produced by Robert Trujillo from Metalica.

Jaco is Trujillo’s hero, but Tech N9ne has something in common with Jaco, believe it or not. Jaco was a Jazz bassist who changed how the bass was played. He started as a scrub that rose to the top by fearlessly playing outside the music box. He has been admired for his genre breaking style of music and courageous climb from the every bottom to the very top. Sounds a bit like Tech, doesn’t it? This just might be the reason Tech jumped on this project. He is totally different than the other artist on the soundtrack and those featured in the film. Considering we are talking about a jazz bassist that is most likely not a surprise. We all know Tech loves to genre hop all over the place. You can definitely feel the respect Tech has for Jaco in the Single.

Tech N9ne “Shine”

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For those interested in the Jaco Documentary it is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. The Film’s last screening is in NYC on December 2nd with a Q and A session with Robert Trujillo, Johnny Pastorius & Dir Paul Marchand. Tickets are still available but you better hurry they had to add a second screening because the first one already sold out. This is a last stop in several Film festival screenings which where to promote this film. The Film started out with crowdfunding, which is just another example of a famous artist succeeding through their fans rather than some fat cat businessman just making a quick buck, only lending to the idea that this film is going to be full of heartfelt footage put together with care. Trujillo produced this film for the love of the artist as opposed to the love of money. Maybe that is another reason Tech N9ne recorded Shine, because we all know Tech is sympathetic to the fragility of the artistic genius being one himself.

“JACO” Trailer

A Clip from “JACO” with Flea

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