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Tech N9ne Gives a Taste of The Storm to Come

Tech N9ne boasted a 9/9 release date for his latest album The Storm. But as he was wanting to release the “perfect storm” on the world the release date has been pushed back to 12/9. As a consolation, he unleashed three songs from the upcoming album today (9/9). Tech explains all in a short video promoting The Storm. The album is divided into three parts: Kingdom, Clown Town, and G. Zone. He gave one song for each section respectively “Erbody But Me”, “I Get It Now” , and “What If It Was Me”.

First up is the self-proclaimed narcissistic track representing the Kingdom. This track features Bizzy and Krizz Kaliko. It is defiantly a powerful track that got me excited to hear the rest of this album. It is presumptuous, sure. Although it’s dope a hell. What caught my ear was his use of the term Hell’s Pit. As a Juggalo that pique my curiosity for the Juggaloesque term. Take a listen for yourself.

Erbody But Me

Then we have the Clown Town track “I Get It Now”. This track is all about his underground success. He repeatedly states he is a wicked clown which again piqued my Juggalo interest. It’s the Juggalo way to say “Fuck the mainstream!” This seems to¬† be the jest of this song. It really got me more excited for this album. It seems Tech may have set out on his career to be successful like any other rapper. Now, he understands he is an underground success and right where he needs to be.

I Get It Now

You may have noticed some reverse talking at the end of this track. Now, that is a wicked clown move! Well, I was curious and had to flip the script and find out what this little reverse talk was saying. Was is a secret message? It was in fact a message¬† in relation to the song’s subject. Check it out below and hear for yourself.

Lastly, we get the G. Zone exhibit “What If It Was Me”. This touching track features the harmonious voice of Krizz Kaliko. It questions the idea of what it would be like if they switched shoes with those who lost their lives. There is a lot of unnecessary violence in the world. The sorrowful music and tone of the song really goes deep. The song starts with an empowering message that counterbalanced the tone of the song. What interested me in this track was the use of a familiar partial verse repeated at the end. You’ll notice that is comes from his album Special Effects. Listen to Aw Yeah? 43 seconds in after listen to “What If It Was Me” and you’ll see what I mean.

What If It Was Me

This Technician is excited as hell for this album! I just have a feeling this is going to be an new favorite.

Even though the album didn’t get released today it still went on preorder. Not only do they offer the album in two different versions, standard and deluxe, but also in 4 different preorder packages. All four include the standard preorder goodies: a XL The Storm t-shirt, Strange Music Sticker, and 1 mp3 download track. There is also a deluxe package that includes a The Storm collectors coin and Strange Music jeweled pendent. And then the ultimate deluxe package that includes everything all the others include plus an autographed The Storm cover canvas accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Preorder The Storm at

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