Ten Things Only A Juggalo Would Understand


We see Top 10 lists all the time on sites like Spin.  Dave Letterman made a career out of them.  So why can’t we make one?  The staff spent some time talking, and we decided to have a few of our own Top 10 lists.  Granted, 1-10 will pretty much always be interchangeable.  Meaning, they aren’t ever going to be in any particular order.  So let me bring to you True Juggalo Family’s 10 things only Juggalos would understand!

1. How getting drenched in soda can be a good feeling.

What Juggalo doesn’t appreciate a Faygo shower at a show?

2.  Planing your whole year around 3 local Shows and a Gathering.

You spend your year saving for a few Psy shows and a trip to the Middle Of Nowhere, Ohio.

3.The hotline number on the secret track on tunnel of love.

Well if you don’t…well, I don’t know what to tell ya.

4. Who has the Dog Beats.

See above.

5. How Faygo makes everything better.

The Local Clown Crews famous Faygo Dogs.  Did anyone ever have the pleasure of their Faygo Chicken?  Faygo Cupcakes…my inner fat kid is hungry again…

6. Post Gathering Depression.

And how it actually starts while you’re still there…

7. Knowing exactly who is in Psychopathic Rydas and Dark Lotus, but giving no fucks.

The music’s fresh and we love what’s behind it.  Who gives a fuck if it’s no secret?

8. How horror movies are actually comedy movies.

She’s gonna trip and fall…wait for it….wait for it….

9. How magnets work.

Mother fucking miracles.  Yes I went there.  Fuck off.

10. Why we eat monopoly and shit out connect four.

Don’t worry about my shit just make a list mother fucker.


There it is.  The first True Juggalo Family Juggalo Top Ten!  Again, this is all just for shits and giggles from the staff at TJF.  Whoop Whoop!