Terror Universal

Terror Universal

Horror metalist band, Terror Universal, consists of four members, some formerly and currently a part of Machine Head, Ill Nino, and Soulfly:

• Dave Chavarri aka Massacre – Drummer (former: Soulfly/current: Ill Nino and TU)massacre

• Ahrue Luster aka Diabolus – Lead   Guitarist (former: Machine Head/current: Ill Nino and TU)diabolus

• Rob Cisneros aka Thrax – Guitarist (current: TU)thrax

• Plague – Vocals (current: TU)download (1)


terroruniversal_membersTerror Universal was formed in 2014, however one member of the band is gone.  Rott, aka Chad Armstrong, was the original vocalist until the band dropped him due to “personal differences” and recent events caused by Otep Shamaya.  Otep accused Chad of sexual harassment in February while on tour.  She tells Metal Injection about her assault as others say her statement is false.

However, even with these events, Terror Universal has a lot planned since they replaced Rott with Plague in April and will continue to write songs for them.  Ironically, in October with their first auditions for Terror Universal, Plague was on the original list as candidates for the vocalist spot, but due to other obligations, he couldn’t audition.  Blabbermouth reported this back in April of this year.


Their sound consists of horror metal.  Check out their track, “Welcome to Hell”, from their upcoming EP, Reign of Terror.


They will be performing today, July 22nd, on at the Carousel Stage at the Gathering of the Juggalos.


For more on Terror Universal, check out their webpage, facebook, twitter, and youtube.