A Fright Night Theme Is Going Down At Texas Frightmare

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If you didn’t catch the news of the announcements this weekend, you missed a lot. That’s right, Texas Frightmare Weekend gave us a doozy of a first round of guests.

In typical TFW fever, the website gets bombarded when announcements begin for each year. It was shortly after that we found out Amanda Bearse, yes Marcy ‘fuckin D’arcy from Married With Children is coming to TFW. She is also notoriously known for her role in Fright Night.

At that point, I really didn’t expect the pieces of the puzzle would be coming together so quickly but shortly after that the rest of the bombs were being dropped. It was when this particular bomb for Texas Frightmare that I knew that a reunion was in the works. One of my personal favorite directors, the ever amazing director, Tom Holland is making his way to Texas Frightmare Weekend.

Mr. Holland has an amazing list of accolades, but his directorial debut was Fright Night . His second film to direct was the iconic Good Guy doll that we all know from Childs Play. Tom Holland has also been involved in a number of Steven King projects, directing  The Langoliers  and Thinner . He also took on a cameo role in the Stephen King miniseries The Stand . A few notable mentions also include three episodes of Tales from the Crypt and the prestigious Masters of Horror  anthology. Tom took a starring role in Hatchet II alongside Kane Hodder and Tony Todd.

Check out TFW Announcement For Tom Holland below:

When the news of Chris Sarandon was dropped, I just about shit a brick. He was cast as Prince Humperdinck in the Princess Bride. I’m a bit of a nerd, but this was one of my favorite movies growing up as a kid in the 80’s. So I’m especially excited.

“Please consider me as an alternative to suicide.” ~ Prince Humperdinck

With all those amazing Fright Night guests for Texas Frightmare, we can only hope that a panel comes to fruition. To celebrate this pure awesomeness, we went ahead and decided to bring you an HD version for you to stream.

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