The Amazing Jeckel Brothers Turns 17!

The Amazing Jeckel Brothers

What’s good, juggalos? Today is a special day for one big reason: it’s the 17th anniversary of the release of The Amazing Jeckel Brothers! That’s right, seventeen years ago, we were introduced to the heckling duo known as the Jeckel Brothers. Do you feel old, yet? If you do, that’s okay. This masterpiece of an album is no reason to feel down. In fact, for many juggalos out there, the fifth joker’s card is their favorite of the six. Personally, I have to say that next to The Riddlebox, Jeckel Brothers is my favorite, as well. So since today is surrounded by the magic of the fifth joker’s card, let’s take a look back at the top tracks from the album that juggalos have been bumping with pride since 1999.

I Want My Shit

What more could a juggalo possibly ask for before they die than a rusty axe, to know voodoo, a fat bitch named Bridget, and a little sip of Faygo, too?


Sometimes a bitch just has to die, you know what I’m saying?

Another Love Song

Love ain’t gone nothing on psycho.

Everybody Rize

It doesn’t matter where you’re from; we’re all family! Except for Gene Simmons.

Fuck The World

Let’s be honest, here: This track is the perfect juggalo song, and if you don’t love it, I don’t know what to say.


This one is always fun to blast in the car, driving through a once-peaceful neighborhood.

Echo Side

Eerie, angsty, and totally wicked. This card game is going to be hella fresh!

What’s your favorite track(s) from The Amazing Jeckel Brothers? Comment below!

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