Lex the Hex Master Introduces The Black Season EP

The Black Season EP Lex The Hex MasterThere’s not much known about the newest artist signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment. What we do know is Lex hails from the east coast, Queens, New York, in particular. There have been little to no interviews done with the new artist. They are keeping him under wraps, but I’m sure there will be more to come, what better way to build up anticipation of a new artist then to keep all the details from us and, well, have us form our opinion based on his music. They did just that, on the eve of The Casket Factory kicking off they let us know that the first real taste of Lex the Hex Master would be released in the form of an EP called The Black Season.

A little background on the album, all 6 songs have been written by Lex, something that not all artists can say and I have to commend him on this. All the songs on the EP were recorded at the Dojo, Engineered by Fritz and produced by both De elusive and Seven, but exclusively produced by the demented duo themselves, Twiztid. Something I really like about the EP is they really allowed Lex to showcase himself. There was only one feature on the EP and that was on the second track “Raw Shit” which feature Monoxide. This allowed for his talent to shine throughout the EP and show that he doesn’t need features to sell a song or album.

We have all heard the introductory tracks for Lex. His first releases of “Bomb on Em” and “Ninjas” had two very different sounds to them. Showing diversity in Lex in only two songs. They both had a catchy hook that will get stuck in your head and are fun to sing along to. The two songs were a great taste of what he could offer to the underground Juggalo world.

Now let’s move on to the new songs. “Raw Shit” is the only song on the album that has a feature. Monoxide joined Lex on the track, the sound of the song to me is a little slower then the rest of the album, but still has that touch of rock sound. My opinion, this should have been Lex’s introduction to the world from MNE.  “Bomb on Em” and “Ninjas” are fun songs, easy to remember and great to bump on your stereo. However, I would like to think that the song could have held it’s own without the feature. We know what Mono can do. We have been hearing it for years. To me Lex really shines in this song. I like how if you listen to the lyrics, from what I hear, he’s talking about what he offers to us, the listener, and what he will offer for years to come.

“Anarchy” is another one of the newly released songs, however what you might not know is this song has already been out in the world and has been re-imagined through the years of MNE. If you listen to the original on sound cloud and then listen to the newly mastered version they have a very similar sound, but some of the beats are slightly different and, in fact, you can hear the growth from Lex in the rapping alone never mind the improvement in the recording. I find it an interesting choice that their was a re-done song that had already been done under Lex’s previous stage name of Lex Masters. I’m curious to know if this was done on purpose. Did they want a track to compare? We may never know.

“The Outside” is the final song on the album. Like the rest of the album, it has rock and hip hop sounds which is recognizable from a lot of the music that Twiztid has put out in their career, but as we all know the combination works.  There is also a reoccurring theme that goes with the title of the album “welcome to the outside where the sun don’t shine” is the lyric in this song that talks about it being a darker time or the dark season. Another big theme I hear a lot in the album is about standing alone, and being able to prove yourself. Which I think is a really important message, Lex has MNE as his support, but at the end of the day it’s him on the stage and selling it to the fam. I think he’s done a great job so far.

My final thoughts on the album itself: it’s fire. Lex seems really passionate about the music. Something else that I liked is the songs all sound different. They have different tempos and everything. This was a  solid introduction of Lex to the Fam. If this is an indication of what we can expect from Lex The Hex Master, the underground has a new artist to watch. And they are going to have to start watching out for Majik Ninja Entertainment and the fire they are putting into the industry.

If you have yet to get your own copy of The Black Season EP, why not stop off at one of the remaining shows on The Casket Factory tour or head over to Twiztid-shop.com and order yours today. Check the track list below.

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Raw Shit Feat. Monoxide
  3. Ninjas
  4. Bomb On Em
  5. Anarchy
  6. The Outside



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