The Casket Maker hits CANANDAIGUA, NY 2-6-16


I have to start this recap with a sad admission, this was the furthest I had ever traveled to see a show. Early on that morning I woke up picked up my travel buddy and started the 6 hour trip to upstate New York. That evening we headed over to the V-pub and rolled up on the most unexpected venue. It was a small bar in what seemed like small town USA and really we weren’t sure what to expect. Something we all know about the Fam though is how it doesn’t matter where you are from, it’s family and we were welcomed as such. So a huge shout out to Pleasantly Offensive Productions for the warm welcome.

Trilogy 10382274_991361220930215_2925867699447744887_o

In true Trilogy fashion, he got on the stage and got right in it staring with “That” off of his newest release Til I Die. My first experience with him was a short set in Worcester for the Rock and Shock Fright Fest Show. His high energy and passion behind his music is seen in his lyrics, stage presents and how he engages the crowd during his sets. My personal favorite has to be how he ends his set, off the stage and with the Fam. His final song was “Til I Die which is my personal favorite off of the newest album. It’s the perfect ending of his set because I hear this song and envision this being an anthem for his music, this business and what it means to him. Each time I see him live I keep wanting to hear more! If you haven’t heard Trilogy yet, head over to RealTrilogy on and give him a listen!

Lex The Hex Master


It was now time for Lex The Hex Master. Fresh off his release of the Black Season EP and on his first national tour! Now for most of us in the room this was the first live introduction to the newest artist on Majik Ninja Entertainment. For me personally, I was extremely excited to see him live as I had listened many times to “Bomb on Em” and “Ninjas” prior and as an artist he’s still quite a mystery to the fam. The strobes started up the fog was in full effect, and the rift for black season started. If you ask me, Lex rocked the stage even when it got, well, overfilled with fog, to the point we couldn’t see him, he didn’t skip a beat. The crowd went wild when the already released songs started and the crowd sang along in true Juggalo fashion. In his set additional new tracks were included, of course, and my newest favorite song “RAW SHIT” feat. Monoxide but we will get into that more in the EP review coming soon. After the Show, Lex was at the merch booth meeting the fam, taking photos, signing EPs and more for what seemed like hours. Talking to him a little after the show, he’s a very humble person, extremely appreciative of the opportunity he has been given and I really can’t wait to hear his Full album. The EP can be found on tour and on

Blaze Ya Dead Homie


It was now time for the Zombie King himself, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, now I have seen Blaze live a handful of times, but after the release of the Casket Factory the anticipation of hearing the new songs live grew with every moment leading up to my trip to NY. The lights went down and the caskets lit up as the intro to The Casket Factory played. Blaze hit the stage in his new face paint and new casket maker attire and got right into it. This was my first time seeing blaze perform a full hour set, with a mixture of old and new. The set list was great, in my opinion, playing all of my top picks off The Casket Factory including “Ghost“, “Necromancy“,  “Rachet“, and “The way you look before you die“. At about the half mark of the set, Lex The Hex Master joined Blaze on stage for “They Call That Gangsta.” The wicked feel of the album absolutely comes out in the live performance and the stage props. Blaze has also released a new EP The Casket Maker which is exclusively available on the tour!

Blaze Ya Dead Homie & Lex The Hex Master

The Crowd in New York was insane, the Fam packed the place. Pushing the barriers but rocking out with the dead man. When the set was over the roar of FAMILY came over the whole crowd, the lights came on, and the crew quickly got to work packing up to head to the next city. The whole show was insane, it was a much different environment than I was used to as I am lucky enough to see my shows at the Worcester Palladium and Fete Music in Providence. It just brings up the point that underground artists aren’t too good for any venue, all of the local openers, Trilogy, Lex the Hex Master, and Blaze Ya Dead Homie owned the stage. Blaze and his tour mates will be busy after this tour ends, they head right back on the road and onto the Juggalo Invasion Tours taking over Canada and Parts of the US. So if you missed out on the Casket Factory Tour, check out those dates and catch one of those shows!

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