So a little bit of information got leaked about Blaze‘s upcoming album “The Casket Factory”. It wasn’t originally supposed to be made public until this Tuesday according to a source at Majik Ninja Entertainment. Online retailer giants Best Buy and Amazon both have an extra fresh version of “Casket Factory” up for pre-order. What makes it so fresh is that there are some additional tracks on there that you can’t get anywhere else!

Check out the exclusive extra tracks found only through these retailers:

15. Casket Factory Interlude 16. Bleed 17. Gray & Blue (feat. Prozak) 18. The Painted Man

Casket Factory Tracklist

Click the pic to order

This makes me wonder if there are any other retailers out there that will be offering this exclusive pre-order. For those of ya who already pre-ordered yours elsewhere, be sure go go out and scoop up this freshness for your collection!

Peep the links to pre-order the album from Best Buy and Amazon.

The Casket Factory @ Best Buy

The Casket Factory @ Amazon

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