The Casket Maker Has Arrived!

The Casket Factory Drops

casketfactoryWe all have been waiting for the release of “The Casket Factory” since July when Twiztid announced the release date at their seminar, during last year’s Gathering. They have hyped this album more then they even promoted “The Darkness”, between cover teasers, song sampler, giving out promo shirts they have built up the anticipation and has gotten us all excited for a release of a Blaze Ya Dead Homie we have never seen or heard before. So for me personally I think Blaze has had some shining moments throughout his career, but absolutely nothing like this. So lets talk about the highlights of this album for me. The whole album was written and Produced by Blaze and Madrox, and everything I have heard up until this point one word, WoW!

To be honest, “Ghost” has stayed with me since they released the single on October 2, I wanted to hear more. To me this song had a great beat that you can’t help but to bump that shit in your car. I think that Kung Fu Vampire was a great collaboration for this song, another solid underground rapper. The second single released “They Call That Gangsta” feat. The ROC & Lex the Hex Master. This release was the first video off of the album, another masterpiece from the mind of Jason Shalts ( hey I’m a photographer got to give props where they are due) check out the video below. To me though this is a great song, however, it’s the only one on the album that doesn’t seem to go with the whole theme. Not that that is a bad thing just something that stuck out at me. My favorite song you ask? Well that has to be Necromancy Feat. Twiztid & DJ Swamp. There is nothing like when the triple threat gets on a song together. It’s got another catchy hook that get’s stuck in your head, the beats keep changing, and I can’t lie I need to see this performed live!  One Last song that really stuck out to me was “The way you look B4 you Die”. But its not the beat, it’s the lyrics, I love how the song really establishes Blaze as The Casket Maker it’s one of the darker songs on the album. It’s got that little bit of rock mixed with the hip hop beats, but it’s got a nice creepy feel and along with the chorus, another solid track!


As I’m writing this I’m checking the twitter and The Casket Maker is going to be hitting the stage to do a full set built from his first album on Majik Ninja Entertainment. Until I received my copy yesterday I was still a little skeptical about this album, however this has not come out of my CD player since I opened the package. This is truly a new Blaze, yes the paint is different but the songs the thing that really matters,  are solid, the album has a great theme that sticks and you can see throughout. I think this is a new era for Blaze, now having more creative freedom and especially on this project, a great partnership with Jamie Madrox to write and produce the album, only proving how unstoppable the artists on Majik Ninja Entertainment will be. Next up I hope to hear about the release date for Lex the Hex Master’s EP, if The Casket Factory is any indication for what’s to come I’m Ready!

If you haven’t gotten your copy yet you need you head out and pick it up.  Not to mention you will be getting 3 additional songs at a retailer near you! So my call, Keep it and bump that shit! Don’t forget to check Blaze-Ya Dead HomieLex The Hex Master and Trilogy on the road next month through March! Visit for more information. Final Thoughts, Welcome back Blaze can’t wait to hear what else you have for us!!

Track List: ( I’ve bolded out my stand out tracks)

1. The Funeral (Intro)

2. 2 Middle Fingers

3. Ghost (feat. Kung Fu Vampire)

4. Call Now! (Commercial Break)

5. The Way U Look B4 U Die (feat. DJ Swamp)

6. Ratchet (feat. ABK)

7. Eternal

8. They Call That Gangsta (feat. The R.O.C., Lex The Hex Master)

9. Worm Food (feat. DJ Swamp)

10. Who U Lookin’ 4 (feat. Boondox)

11. Unbreakable (feat. Madrox, DJ Swamp)

12. Electric Witch

13. Necromancy (feat. Twiztid)

14. I Will Bury U!


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