The Darkness On Sale via Google PlayThe Darkness

First off, if you haven’t bought this album yet, why the hell not?  Well, now you have no excuse.  Twiztid‘s The Darkness has been put on sale on Google Play for $5.99  FIVE NINETY NINE! You can’t BEAT that deal.

The Darkness


The Darkness is the 10th studio album, and the 27th overall release by Twiztid. It is their first release on their label Majik Ninja Entertainment, and the second overall release on the label. It is scheduled for a January 27, 2015 release. Two of the 3 bonus tracks are featured on their Get Twiztid EP, released on April 15, 2014 and on the Bootleg Banner Tour with Blaze Ya Dead Homie. The album was recorded at the label’s recording studio, “The Dojo”

No more excuses. Go support Twiztid and pick up The Darkness for the low price of 5.99 by clicking HERE!
1. ‘Why Wont You Answer’
2. ‘Afraid of the Dark’
3. ‘In Hell’
4. ‘Back to Hell’
5. ‘Problems With Medication’
6. ‘A Little Fucked Up’
7. ‘Boogieman’
8. ‘Down Here’
9. ‘Dr. Weasel’
10. ‘F.T.S.’
11. ‘Take It Away’
12. ‘On and On’
13. ‘No Breaks’
14. ‘Seance’
15. ‘The Exorcism’

You’ll be able to see Twiztid in a couple weeks live at the Gathering Of The Juggalos.