The Dayton Family Gives Back To Flint

The Dayton Family

As a result of the devastation going down in Flint, Michigan with the water crisis, clean drinking water is an absolute necessity for the cities’ residents. Luckily, many famous names have given a helping hand, and now The Dayton Family can be added to that list. This past Saturday, the members gave back to their hometown.

Setting up outside of Mona’s Cocktail Lounge on North Saginaw Street alongside Brothers Of The Struggle, the two groups teamed up to pass out cases of water to the Flint community for two hours. Ira Dorsey of The Dayton Family had this to say:

“The brothers came from to support the communities Detroit and Lansing. The brothers of the struggle stick together and we just out here trying to provide Flint with some clean water to show our support for the town. Our love and genuine support.”

You can also watch the short video covering the charity here.

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