The Funk Volume 2015 Tour

The Funk Volume 2015 Tour

December is almost here, which means The Funk Volume 2015 Tour will be happening soon!  This tour takes place only once every few years, and is making it’s way to Australia and New Zealand in a couple of weeks!  The Funk Volume 2015 Tour features Hopsin with fellow friends Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, and DJ Hoppa!

Some information about Hopsin:  He just released his 4th album, “Pound Syndrome,” which is #15 on the ARIA Chart and #24 on the NZ Chart.  The album includes a wide range of topics through lyrics full of poetic venom.   Quite the contridiction, but Hopsin pulled it off in “Pound Syndrome.”

Hopsin is becoming more and more popular, and may one day be crowned as the best.  Hopsin‘s performances create a connection between him and those at the venue, leaving memories like no other.  The intensity is second to none and refreshing for the Rap/Hip Hop scene.

With this tour featuring Hospin and his friends, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Betnon, and DJ Hoppa, it is almost a guarantee that The Funk Volume 2015 Tour will leave audiences in an uproar for more.


Check out some of the reviews about Hopsin.

“The very same fire that wrote those venomous lyrics was viewed on stage and reacted to accordingly; arms, fists and the utmost respect. Solid Performance.” – Fame Music

“Anyone who is connected to this man and his words should be able to find an unspoken understanding between themselves and anyone else who was at his show.” – On Stage Review

“The rap world is in for a serious treat when the king arrives with Pound Syndrome. – Artist Direct

“He solidified himself as a very eccentric, energetic, lyrical monster.” – RKulture

“It’s clear that his lyrics and on-stage presence are an extension of who Hospin is and his natural attitude. This persistence to please and interact in a real way defines a blueprint for how to deal with fame.” – On Stage Review

“A torrential assault of lyrics and energy as he vies for the throne.” – Artist Direct

“Funk Volume are absolutely tearing up hip-hop and redefining the trends kids are following these days.” – The AU Review

“They move with an unstoppable force.” – The Sermons Domain



The dates for the performances are:

December 10th & 11th

December 16th, 17th, & 18th

December 20th & 21st

Click here for a link to tickets.


Lastly, check out this video for The Funk Volume 2015 Tour.

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