the juggalo show new air time

The Juggalo Show on Psychopathic Radio- New Air Time

Tonight the biweekly flavor of  The Juggalo Show is going to be airing on Psychopathic Radio at its new time of 8 pm est. This show will continue the Demo Jams Contest as well as other fresh ass topics for the night. 8 pm est will be the new air time for Psychopathic Radio from this week on.

This weeks show is going to be hosted by the one and only Jumpsteady, JCW’s Rude Boy and Kevin Gill, as well as TJF’s own Rachelette. You can visit the website here at to watch the live feed, as well as join in the chat room with the other ninjas and ninjettes who are watching the show as well! We look forward to seeing you in the chat room homies, much love!

Whoop whoop!!!

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