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The Juggalo ShowThe Juggalo Show on Psychopathic Radio


Its almost that time of the week fam! Thursday January 28th is swiftly approaching and that only means one thing, The Juggalo Show on Psychopathic Radio airs at 9 PM EST! Each week there is freshness of all different types, and as always is hosted by Jumpsteady, Rude Boy, Kevin Gill, and Natalie the JCW Ring Girl!

Be sure to tune in to PsychopathicRadio.com at 9 PM EST to watch the show unfold and even join in the chat with other ninjas and ninjettes who are watching as well!

*Also don’t forget to send in your demos to psychopathic Radio to be entered into the Demo Jams Contest which airs on The Juggalo Show on Feb 11th for a chance to play at GOTJ17 on the Pendulum Stage! More information regarding the Demo Jams Contest can be found HERE.

The Juggalo Show


Listed below is Psychopathic Radio’s upcoming schedule:

1-28-2016 ~ The Juggalo Show

2-4-2016 ~ Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show

2-11-2016 ~ The Juggalo Show

Website: PsychopathicRadio.com

~Whoop whoop~

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