The Juggalo Show returns tonight!

The Juggalo Show
Tonight The Juggalo Show returns to Psychopathic Radio. With everything going on such as ACLU court case vs the DOJ today, the Gathering, the 20th Anniversary of the Riddle Box… I’m sure we will hear quite a bit about these topics and more.  I wonder though if we will ever see the homie Kevin Gill actually in the studio or just the KG Short Circuit “Johnny 5 is Alive” avatar. Lol.

Also appearing tonight:

It’s possible Farris (ICP’s attorney) and some of the ACLU Attorneys representing us Juggalos could be in full effect. Either way, I have the strong suspicion that tonight’s episode is a must tune in! So be sure to tune into The Juggalo Show on Psychopathic Radio tonight at 9PM EST



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