The KC Tea Signature Drink

The KC Tea Specialty Drink

Ever had The KC Tea Signature Drink?  It was invented by the Kansas City King, Tech N9ne.  In an interview with Hip Hop Vancouver, Tech N9ne breaks down this mean cocktail for fans to watch and learn.

According to Tech N9ne, the best thing about his drink is that you cannot even taste the alcohol in it.

Below is a video to watch him make it.  Instructions are also posted along with it.


The last time Hip Hop Vancouver interviewed Strange Music’s main man, Tech N9ne had showed them how to make a Caribou Lou.

What’s the background and history?  How did you come up with this cocktail?

“Well, me and my ex-girlfriend used to make me drink Hennessy on the Rocks, and it was just so strong.  One day I put sprite in it and I’m like ‘Whoa, it taste like tea.’  Me and Chris Kalico were drinking them after a show in Vegas.  I said, ‘It tastes like tea,’ and he said, ‘Kansas City Tea.’  I said, ‘Yeah, KC Tea, that’s tight.'”

Tech N9ne is also sampling the Caribou Lou to have his company start producing the product for sale.  Hennessy is helping N9ne get the product out.

Here comes the walk through:

  1. First, you cut the lemon.  Be careful if you have a phobia of knives like N9ne does.  He once stabbed his foot and there was a fountain of blood.
  2. Pour about a shot in a half, maybe a little more than that.  N9ne usually does not pour his drink in a wine glass.
  3. Also, make sure to put your ice in BEFORE you pour your alcohol.  N9ne was tired.  Make sure to use a lot of ice because the Hennessy melts the ice.
  4. Fill the rest of the glass with sprite.
  5. Squeeze the lemon and then drop it into the glass.
  6. Twist it up.

Has a different effect than the Caribou Lou.  The KC Tea relaxes you and is a porch-type drink.

Check out the video for extra comments from the host and Tech N9ne about The KC Tea Specialty Drink!