The Kevin Gill Show Week 84 Recap

Kevin Gill Show

The Kevin Gill Show was extra dope this week with an interview from Sick Nick Mondo. The episode covers from Mondo’s humble beginnings, all the way to what he’s doing now living in Japan. The episode reminded me of a dope time in my childhood. I know plenty of you ninjas remember the backyard wrestling games! Who could forget? Well, not these two as they reminisce over the days of backyard wrestling and how different people got involved. Other topics covered were about Mondo’s films, including a new movie he’s working on right now titled The Trade. Also, I don’t know about ya’ll fam, but I love me some Ihop. But Ihop security? Find out what happened to Kevin after the dope as fuck Juggalo Day Weekend show. I never heard of something like it when a ninja just wants some pancakes! So check out the dope ass show below!

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