The Marvelous Missing Link (Found) iTunes Preorder

The Marvelous Missing Link (Found) iTunes PreorderThe Marvelous Missing Link (Found)

If you’re looking for pre-orders for The Marvelous Missing Link (Found), there are now options available!  Itunes has put up a pre-order for the second half of The Marvelous Missing Link.  You can find your ‘Missing Link’ HERE!  When you pre-order The Marvelous Missing Link (Found), you’ll be able to download the track Juggalo Party.  The album is set to be released on Friday July 31st.  However it will be available to purchase at the Gathering Of The Juggalos.  We will be picking up a copy as soon as it’s made available at the Gathering.  An official TJF review will be up as soon as possible as well!

So go on, click HERE, find your missing link!



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