The Missing Link(FOUND) Trailer

The Missing Link(FOUND) TrailerFOUND

The trailer for The Marvelous Missing Link(FOUND) has been released via the Psychopathic Records Youtube page.  If you aren’t a fan of J’s singing, then consider yourself forewarned.  He sings in it.  I kind of expected this album to feature some of it considering what this double album talks about in the first part.  FOUND’s official release date is July 30th, but if you’re attending the Gathering you’ll be able to pick it up ahead of time there as well.

The week of the Gathering is going to be a STELLAR week for new music. If you’re attending the Gathering then you can pick up this release. Madchild releases Silver Tongue Devil that week, and Hopsin releases Pound Syndrome. Then add in the freshness of the Gathering? WHAT A WEEK!



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