The Shinning Horror Museum

Horror Museum

The Stanley Hotel was the inspiration for the hotel in “The Shining.”  Now The Stanley Hotel is planning to open a horror museum.

Actors Elijah Wood and Simon Pegg serve on the founding board for the museum.  To support the $24 million for the project, the museum board is asking the state of Colorado for $11.5 million in tourism funds.  The plans for The Stanley Hotel are the horror-themed museum, film production studio with a film archive, and traveling film exhibits.

The Shinning Horror Museum will be a “year-round horror destination,” and the cost is a small price to pay considering the time usage for tourist. The proposal has yet to be approved by the state.

The Stanley Hotel‘s building was built in 1909 and has been reported for ghost sightings and unexplained phenomena.  Katie Calautti, writer of the original post “Fans of ‘The Shinning’: Rejoice! The Stanley Hotel Is Opening A Horror Museum, has a suggestion for you if you stay at The Stanley Hotel.

“So if a set of twins deliver your room service during your stay, we’d suggest sending it back to the kitchen. Especially if you’re in room 237.”