the underground 2015 album of the year

From Australia’s Home of Underground Music:

The Underground 2015 Album of the Year Replay

Last night The Underground Radio Australia streamed The Underground 2015 Album of the Year Countdown and now they have uploaded the replay on Soundcloud. Fans voted and the votes were counted. It’s what it sounds like. They counted down the 10 albums playing a song off each album as they were announced. It’s hosted by Ned and Nims and they have a bunch of jolly Australian commentary. They promise to have an interview with the 2015 Album of the Year winner and the vote counts up later this week. So, stay tuned as we update you when all that drops.

The Underground Radio keeps it fresh down under. They have interviewed many underground artists including Blaze, Shaggy 2 Dope, Twitzid, Tech N9ne and many others. They asked Underground fans to cast their vote and this is what the fans choose as a collective. Did the one you voted for win? Will this be the first time Tech N9ne wins? Or will he be taken down by the Demented Duo? Take a dive down under and find out!



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