The Walking Dead is Back for It’s 6th Season

The Walking Dead is Back

The Walking Dead is Back

The Walking Dead is Back for 2015.  The season started on October 11th at 9 PM on AMC.  The sixth-season premiere, however, did not have nearly as high of a record in views as the previous year.

In 2014, The Walking Dead series clocked in on the opening night, 17.3 Million viewers.  October 11th clocked the series’ views around 14.6 million, nearly 3 million less than the year before.

Even with the lower viewings, the rating of The Walking Dead is 7.4 among adults from the age of 18 to 49.  The score is still enough to beat the Sunday Night Football match-up the show faced that night.  Not only is The Walking Dead‘s score higher than the Sunday Night Football score, but also higher than the new season of Empire.

This leaves The Walking Dead  with the highest-rated status on TV unchallenged at the moment.  Even with the show’s season opener viewings were lower, The Walking Dead has clocked record after record each year at the premier and will continue to do so.


Original Article: TV Ratings: ‘The Walking Dead’ Returns Smaller, Still King in the Demo





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