The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Did you see last week’s episode of The Walking Dead?  If you have not, here are some spoilers.

The Walking Dead has become a phenomenal series that continues to become interesting with its suspense filled episodes.  It has hit the charts as the highest-rated TV series.  Some fans are now waiting for TWD‘s newest villain to arrive while contemplating whether Glenn is dead or not.

Ironically, last episode had a moment of resemblance to the movie “Alien” when it came to Aaron and Maggie.  In this episode, Aaron and Maggie are down in the sewers, navigating the system to try to find Glenn.  They happen to stumble upon a pipe full of rotten-but-agile walkers within the muck.

Executive producer and effects mastermind Greg Nicotero explained the scene he creates when Aaron and Maggie get their first glimpse of the walkers.

“I stole a shot out of “Alien”.  When that walker lifts its head up, I wanted it to be like the first time the alien lifts its head and you see the tongue come out.  You’re mesmerized by it.  So while you’re staring at it, all of a sudden the second walker bolts out of the pile.  The way we shot that was definitely a [director] Ridley Scott homage.”

It is questionable about whether or not something in the sewers caused the zombies to adapt to the surrounding.  They can stay hidden and quiet until just the right moment before making their appearance, which could be an adaptive trait.  However, it is speculation as to whether these zombies are adapting or not.

Along with this moment in the episode seemingly like “Alien,” the zombies resemble Tarman from “The Return of the Living Dead.”  The infamous zombie was grody and decaying disgustingly.  However, as repulsive as Tarman was, he is the most memorable zombie ever created and TWD‘s sewer zombies seem to be like cousins.

According to CinemaBlend,

“Nicotero got his career working on George Romero’s Day of the Dead in 1985, the same year as Return, which was co-written by John Russo, who co-wrote Night of the Living Dead with Romero. It’s a small world in zombie cinema.”

How ironic.