The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6 Preview

The Walking Dead

Photo courtesy of AMC

Hollywoodlife‘s Lauren Cox previews this weeks episode of The Walking Dead.


Could Daryl (Norman Reedus) meet his end on The Walking Dead‘s upcoming Nov. 15 episode? In the latest preview, fan-favorite Daryl seems to be completely lost in the middle of the woods.
Say it ain’t so! This new preview from the Nov. 15 episode of The Walking Dead has us shaking in our boots, and it’s all because Daryl could be in serious danger. As you can see, it starts off pretty slow with Daryl just walking his beloved motorcycle through the woods. This could be anything, right? Like maybe he’s taking a short cut, or ran out of gas, or… anything. But no, it seems that there is much more to the story than that.

It’s not until Daryl tries to slowly roll his bike down a hill that you notice something is terribly wrong. He seems weak, and when he loses control of the bike and it falls on him you realize he’s closing in on overall defeat. He has trouble standing up, and even has trouble climbing over the bike so that he’s no longer trapped behind it. This is a Daryl we’ve never seen before.

When he calls out to Sasha and Abraham on the walkie he gets nothing in return, but that’s when he realizes he’s bleeding. Daryl looks down to see a burned skeleton at his feet, and bright red blood is dripping off of his hand onto the blackened skull. Oh, no!

Did he get hurt trekking through the woods? Did he get hurt when he fell? Or, is it something worse than that? Upon re-watching the clip you might notice that Daryl’s leather jacket is torn up as he leads the bike down the small hill, right before losing control of it. However, the tears aren’t those of being stuck on something and pulled… they look like bullet holes!