Jelly Roll Therapeutic Music 5 Free Download

Yesterday, Jelly Roll uploaded his newest mix-tape in a series entitled Therapeutic Music. Therapeutic Music 5: Running from Reality is available for free download at and You can also listen to Therapeutic Music 5: Running from Reality on Spotify or Youtube (below.)

therapeutic music 5Therapeutic Music 5: Running from Reality really is therapeutic music. The songs on this mix-tape touch on topics that affect almost everyone and leads comfort to those going through rough times. It touches on topics that, like the title implies, makes you want to run from reality. The epitome of “well, my life is fucked, but I’m moving on” jams is “F*ck Up.” We all feel like a fuck up sometimes and this song really sends you to a mind set of “well, fuck it! I’m going to live my life.” Tracks like “When I’m Sober” and “Til Hate You Replace” identifies with failing and failed relationships and all those heartbroken from the experience.  Then, Jelly Roll gets personal with his money lust in “Just Can’t Quit” singing about his issues with his career as an artist. He goes even farther in “Calls me Dad” with a message that would touch any loving father who might of made some mistakes, but knows who the real love of their life is. Overall, this mix-tape is for anyone needing some music therapy.


Therapeutic Music 5: Running from Reality

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