Ryan Warner of City Pages wrote an article called, Insane Clown Posse At First Ave: A Faygo-Drenched Timeline.  It’s a timeline, starting at 6:05 p.m. and ending at 9:50 p.m.

So lets begin with his timeline.

6:15 p.m.:  “There is no way to hide from how bad some of this music is. However, at their worst, these clowns are at their most compelling…”

Not everyone is going to have the same love for the music as most Juggalos do.

7:15 p.m.:
Chickened out on my intended outfit. Was going to go in Peter Criss make-up. This unopened box of face paint will forever remind me of my cowardice …

I believe every Juggalo would have loved to see the facepaint.  Next time, try it.  You may like it.

7:45 p.m.
Remember P.O.D.? They’re opening.

8 p.m.:
This note details what could have been a way better angle for this article: Should I review P.O.D. without acknowledging that ICP headlined? I could mention the bizarre confluence of Juggalos and nu-metalheads, act like I left the concert early, and then let the commenters eat me alive.

Of course you should not act like you left the concert early.  A good thing you didn’t.  However, a P.O.D. review would have been nice.

8:20 p.m.:
The curtains are parting. I’m at an Insane Clown Posse concert. There are a ton of Faygo 2-liters on the stage. The Juggalo’s are freaking out.

8:21 p.m.:
The opening number is Faygo-free, mercifully, for the guys in the photo pit. Courteous of the clowns.

8:25 p.m.:
The first 2-liter has been opened and is spewing all over the crowd. I wonder if there’s a roadie whose job it is to shake up all these bottles? Soda is coming out with force.
OK, this is fun. There are a bunch of “scary” clowns in onesies onstage spraying what is now an absolutely ridiculous amount of Faygo at each other and on the crowd. Worried about diabetes …

If you worry about diabetes, you’ll get diabetes.  Of course the Juggalos are freaking out; they’re excited for all the Faygo about to be dumped on them.  You’ll enjoy it, just wait.

8:50 p.m.
This simple-seeming assignment is leaving me with so many questions to ponder and philosophical pretzels to untie. For instance: What does it mean to be a Jugglao, exactly? From what origin has Insane Clown Posse been divined to us? How many ounces of Faygo did I just witness shooting ceilingward? Has the budget-conscious beverage manufacturer considered a champagne flavor? Also, will one of these Juggalo’s accept my invitation to Red Lobster?

Haha, I would have loved to have that invitation.  Remember Juggalos, National Take A Juggalo To Red Lobster Day is TOMORROW, November 8th.

9:22 p.m.:
It’s fun to imagine some of these Juggalo’s at their sad, quiet little I.T. jobs. And then, once a year, they get to put the paint on and come out to something like this and finally be themselves completely. Life is beautiful.

Society is always judging the ninjas.  If you had to hide who you were because of a job or for any other reason, wouldn’t you be hyped to let loose?

9:24 p.m.:
I’ve got a note here that I cannot bring myself to add to the timeline. You see, Juggalo’s are people too. People living by codes and behavioral contracts that I myself do not understand and therefore feel I cannot pass judgement upon. There are dreams and ambitions buried behind the face paint. “Tears of a Juggalo” is the curt little slogan I’m trying to insert into this word salad.

Yes, we’re people too.  Not everyone is the same.  Similar, yes, but not the same.

9:33 p.m.:
Got caught in the stream mid-note. At least 10 pages of my moleskin are ruined. A souvenir!

Get that framed.

9:34 p.m.:
OK, I’m done with the pit now.

9:44 p.m.:
It’s the end of the show. Juggalo’s are invited on stage. Now everyone is spraying soda on each other. I’ve moved back at least 10 feet. This is really great. Everyone looks super happy.

9:50 p.m.:
The “family” chant is so authentically warm. Clowns forever! The show is over.

I’m not sure how to give you a takeaway.

This is a very unique rap group/ lifestyle brand. So unique, in fact, that I can draw no meaningful parallels to it in a world pregnant with entertainment options. There is absolutely no equivalent for the clowns, their Faygo-swilling worshipers, or the Gathering at which they commune.


That’s the point.  We’re a family.



Check out the full timeline for all the experience that Ryan Warner had at the ICP concert.  Also, there’s a ton of awesome photos to be viewed.