TJF After Dark

Tonight for TJF After Dark we are gonna do things a little different.  We are gonna do a TJF After Dark special report.  How Hulk Hogans little Hulkamaniac getting recorded on tape is single handedly taking down Gawker.  This unintentionally hilarious report comes courtesy of uproxx.  This story is something you can’t make up, brother.


This story starts back in 2012 when Gawker anonymously received a dvd featuring Hulk’s hulkamaniac running wild all over his best friends wife recorded in 2006.  He came in like a wrecking ball apparently.

What could go wrong?  Well, you don’t fuck with the Hulkster brothers!  He’s said his prayers and taken his vitamins(and his steroids) and he is ready to fight for the rights of every man(or at least celebs with leaked sex tapes)

This is turning into a $1 million dollar lawsuit.  All Gawker wanted to do was see if what they say about steroids is true, did it really shrink the Hulkster’s hulkamaniac.  Hulk is taking Gawker to court, and he is prepared to take down Gawker.


From The Hollywood Reporter

In an effort to show the sex tape qualifies as “newsworthy,” Gawker is seeking to introduce evidence that Hogan has injected his sexual prowess into the public sphere by fondling women’s breasts for a Rocky III publicity photo shoot and discussing in interviews where on a woman he likes to ejaculate, the size of his genitalia and the use of his mustache when performing oral sex.



Is this evidence the world really needs?  Do you really need to see this? The thought of Hulks mustache having a part of oral sex does make me laugh though.  However, I do wonder: does the lil Hulkster do the finger poke of doom?


Of all the sex tape lawsuits with celebs, this is the first one to not be settled or thrown out.  Hogan is ready to fight for the right of every man….to make a private sex tape…and it stay private.

“I have never been afraid to fight for what I think is right. I promised in the beginning that I would see this through to the end to hold Gawker accountable. And I will.”