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Top 10 by HipHopDX


HipHopDX continuously publishes their Top 10 Hip Hop songs.  This week, it goes as follows:


  1. The Game ft. Skrillex – El Chapo
  2. Tech N9ne ft. E-40 and Krizz Kaliko – No K
  3. Rick Ross Added To Sexual Assault Suit & The 2015 Forbes Cash Kings List Revealed
  4. Drake and Future – What A Time To Be Alive (Chopped & Screwed)
  5. The Game ft. Diddy – Standing On Ferraris
  6. Joe Budden – Slaughtermouse
  7. The Game Discusses Dr. Dre’s Impact & Chief Keef Not Involved In Weed Business, His Partners Say
  8. Scoe ft. Kendrick Lamar and Kobe – Back In The Day
  9. Lil Mouse – Kill Time (Slim Jesus Diss)
  10. Jeezy – Church In These Streets



the gameThe very top three songs, The Game ft. Skrillex – “El Chapo,” Tech N9ne ft. E-40 and Krizz Kaliko – “No K,” and Drake and Future – “What A Time To Be Alive (Chopped & Screwed),” were elaborated on by HipHopDX.

The first, “El Chapo”:

The Game, a Compton, California rapper, released “El Chapo” along with a few other songs.  The song is believed to appear on his “coming-out-soon” album, The Documentary 2.tech n9ne

The second, “No K”:

“No K”  has appeared on Tech N9ne‘s Special Effects album.  The music video was just premiered on HipHopDX earlier this week.

The third, “What A Time To Be Alive (Chopped & Screwed)”:
drake and futureDrake and Future created “What A Time To Be Alive before DJ D Nyce helped creatue the, “chopped and screwed” version of the mix-tape  It is believed that the project could sell as many as 500,000 units during its first week.


So take a listen to the songs above and comment below on your thoughts.

Also, check out the original document, here.