WCW StingTop 10 Greatest Moments & Matches Of Sting

A legend in the eyes of many, a man who has given so much to the wrestling community, Sting has 30 years of dedication, held 15 championships, and made more pay-per-view appearances than any other wrestler. Unfortunately, Steve Borden known in the ring as Sting is retiring because of his injury received on The Night Of Champions WWE Pay-per-veiw against Seth Rollins. I, The Everyday Ninja, am going to list 10 of the top moments and matches that, in my opinion, are some of Sting’s best.

10.Sting WCW In 1993 The feud between Sting and Vader was at its boiling point. It was by far the greatest feud in wrestling at this point. It was a ‘White Castle Of Fear Strap Match,’ an unsanctioned match, in which the match can go so far that the organization has no responsibility for the participants in the match. The match was a very bloody one and at that time it was rare and unheard of in the WCW and the WWE.

9.Sting VS  Cactus Jack, The Maniac Beach Blast 1992. Cactus Jack and Sting young and full of heart in a falls count anywhere match. It was one of his most violent matches. I mean, of course, it was against the legend of hardcore.

8.WCW StingSting VS Hollywood Hulk Hogan Starrcade 1997: This match had an amazing story. When Sting returned in 1991 to take out an impostor. The nWo Tried to get him to join them. Well, Sting had a different idea saying ” The only things for sure, is that nothings for sure.” For 9 straight months he haunted the background of every show. Appearing by wrestlers testing them by giving them a bat and turning his back just to see who would turn their back on him. He would attack the nWo at the end of every show until finally he got his match with Hulk Hogan.

7.Sting had a very unique way in entering the ring. After his 18 month leave his debut back was set on January 20, 1997. Sting was supposed to have a match against The Macho Man. Waiting for him to get there, Macho Man gets a chair and sit in the middle of the ring. Out of nowhere the lights dim and he comes repelling from the rafters in his first epic ring entrance from the rafters.WCW Sting

6.Sting and Luger VS The Steiner Brothers: Tag Team championship at SuperBrawl 1 1991. Although it was a loss for Sting and Luger it was such a great match that it won the PWI match of the year in 1991.

5.Sting Squadron VS The Dangerous Alliance: War Games 1992. Sting Squadron was made up of Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Dustin Rhodes, Barry Windham and Nikita Rhodes. The Dangerous Alliance consisted of Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Larry Zbyszko and Bobby Eaton. This was a match of epic proportions. The match ended as Zbyszko accidentally hit Eaton with a metal turnbuckle and Sting hit Eaton with an armbar and made Eaton tap.

4.The final match of Monday Nitro when Vince McMahon bought WCW: Sting and Ric Flair had one last match of WCW NITRO March 3rd 2001. This was just a regular match, but they had fun with it. At the beginning of the match they shook hands and smiled. It was the end of an epic era. It was the end of their rivalry.

3.Stings WWE debut: Sting pops up on the jumbo tron which distracts Triple H, Wallace, and The Big Show. The lights go out and you see Sting start walking to the ring. Sting’s music fills the arena as he walks out and points at Triple H. As he does that John Cena rolls up Wallace and gets the three count which gives Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins their jobs back. Sting saved their jobs.

2.Stings transformation promo Sept 16, 1996: He was fed up with all his friends that had his back but turned on him. Even Lex Luger after he tried to explain to him that it was an impostor, but Luger didn’t care. So Sting left Nitro only to lurk in the shadows. That’s when he transformed into the crazed, dark face paint wearing, bad ass we see today.

1. Sting VS Ric Flair July 7, 1990, The Great American Bash: This was the first time he won his first world heavyweight title. It was such an iconic match and the start of many more championships.

To me that is the top 10 matches that defined his career and molded him into the wrestler we see today. We salute you Steve Borden. Thank you for 30 years of freshness and being a complete beast! The Everyday Ninja has spoken, good day.

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