Top 10 Non Jokers Card SongsJokers Card

After the success of our first “Juggalo top 10” the staff at True Juggalo Family decided we should do more.  Just like  last week, these are not in any particular order….besides, how could you REALLY rate them.  This week the staff at True Juggalo Family decided we would pick our 10 favorite non jokers card songs from ICP.  I can’t stress this enough, this is not in any particular order!

1.  Super Balls

This is just one of the songs off of Tunnel Of Love that was suggested from the staff for this list.  This one was suggested by CameraNinja…was she trying to say something?  We don’t know.

2. Spin The Bottle

This one suggest by Miss Juggalette.  However, I think she was just saying she wanted to play it with me.

3. Cotton Candy

Another song off of Tunnel Of Love.  This suggestion comes from Main G. Dogg.  However I think we all know what he was trying to REALLY say here…can ya blame him?  It don’t get wet until it’s in your mouth…

4. My Kind Of Bitch

This suggestion comes from Menace.  This lonely old man is just telling you what he wants in a ‘Lette.

5. Crystal Ball

This one comes from yours truly(NaptownMike).  This track seems to me like it was a precursor to Dark Lotus.

6. 50 Bucks

This one once again comes from NaptownMike.  This is one of my personal favorite’s from all of their songs.  I need one of them rebellious rock chicks with a hoop in her neden.  🙂

7. In My Room

This one comes once again from CameraNinja.  She actually suggested this right after suggestion Super Balls.  Now that I think about it, I don’t want to know whats on her mind after suggesting Super Balls In Her Room. 😉

8. Tilt A Whirl

This one comes from Miss Juggalette.  Not gonna lie, this is a pretty solid addition to this list.

9. Every Halloween

This one comes from Jules.  You’re probably asking yourself “who the fuck is Jules”, she’s a fresh ass ninja.  That’s who she is.

10. Let’s Go All The Way

This one wasn’t suggested until just now from me.  The original is one of my “guilty pleasure” song.  It’s dope as fuck live, and fuck you if you don’t like it!s