Top 10 Reason To Gather

Top 10 Reasons to Gather

You don’t gather – you don’t matter. No, really, check out the top 10 reasons we think you’re missing out if you don;t gather! Start saving your piggy banks kids!

  1. Cost Effective: Think about it, you’re paying 200 bucks plus travel and supplies – to go camping and have unlimited admission to concerts, parties, and attractions. Compare that price to cost of tickets and travel to go to 10 shows. Mind blown, yet? In 2015 there were 75 concerts, alone. Uh, hello?
  2. Camping – Juggalo style: Camp little, or camp big. Our neighbors this year had a brilliant idea and set up a few spots – no matter where they were at they were home (which is so true anyway). Who can forget the incredible face tent? Deck your camp out as sweet as you want – or rough it under the stars. It’s a beautiful sight to behold.
  3. Exclusive Shows: You get to see groups who only come together for the gathering (at least for now) like Psychopathic Rydas and the mystic Dark Lotus.
  4. You Make Homies – You See Old Homies: It’s the coolest thing to connect with lo’s and lettes from around the world. And yes, in case you weren’t aware – they do come from all over. The fucking. World.
  5. The Most Ridiculous and Amazing Attractions: where else you going to run into Juggalo night court? You’re not going to catch that shit anywhere but gotj. (Ahem – i.c.p. – please bring night court back:( ). JCW, The gong show, psyphers…. It goes on!
  6. The Fireworks: Okay, okay so what, were at 75 concerts, plus attractions, rides, exclusive shows and now it’t a freaking Fourth of July show? The answer is – yes. And it’s beautiful, it’s wonderful…and very loud and annoying by 3 am night three…. But in a refreshing, beautiful and glorious way. Ha-ha.
  7. Freedom: Be you. Wear what you wanna, or don’t wear anything at all! Fly your freak flag, high and mighty. Break it down on the dirt dance floor, cause we’re all just doin’ our thang’ anyways. Oh, and if you get the chance, please – throw the fucking chicken; Pleeeease.
  8. Psychopathic Auction: If you’re looking for a good way to spend those vacation bucks – you defiantly don’t want to miss this, especially if you are a collector! Exclusive and obscure items make their way into the hands of homies – just like you!
  9. The ICP Seminar: This seminar is where you hear it first – every bit of up and coming news about the psychopathic record label and the movement of the Juggalo family. We have an opportunity to get our hands on merchandise that hasn’t yet hit the scene, and of course a chance for the coveted – notes.
  10. Its Home: It’s everything you hoped it would be, and more! It’s like a commune of people who rely on ethics rather than officials to handle problems and settle differences. We get together, post up in our homes and live together. In harmony. And music, and fun and peace. It doesn’t matter who you are – if you’re down with the clown – you got a spot at the carnival ground.



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