Gathering of the Juggalos

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With all the dope artist, comedians, and wrestlers performing for us Juggalos at Gathering 17 it’s hard not to be excited for all of it. Not to mention the games, contests, parties, and fun shows that entertain many a Juggalo there to keep it even fresher. But out of all the crazy, sexy, funny, and just plain fun shit going down, there are some things we are just totally stoked to see and do at the Gathering of the Juggalos.¬† So, I give to you the….

Top 10 Things We Are Eagerly Ready for at The Gathering

10. Carnival Rides!

The free carnival rides have to be one of the dopest features of the Gathering of the Juggalos. You can ride the bitches over and over without paying a mass amount of cash like when you go to the carnival. Plus, you don’t hear dope ass underground music being played live at the carnival either. What makes the carnival rides at the Gathering especially awesome is the fact that they tend to be longer and faster than anywhere else. Not to mention you can get a Juggalo chant going on those mutherfackos. When I’m on a carnie ride anywhere else I always think, man, this ride was better at the Gathering, wishing I was home, my Gathering home that is.

9. Skydiving Exhibition

Now here is some freshness I can’t wait to witness! There will be skydivers plummeting out of planes over our heads dropping fresh merch our way. A lucky few will be able to scoop up the flava. So, keep your ears open for them planes overhead. You may just luck out and get some free shit.

8. Into the Echoside

into the echoside

You know what they say, “Not all Juggalos play Magic, but most Magic players are Juggalos.” Though this game has its own flavor of deck building that comes with a board and 12-sided die it’s in the realm of Nerdalo delight. Many will be wanting their very own game to take home and play. But the freshness of this brand new game doesn’t stop there. There will be a tournament held for this game in which winners will receive a signed copy of Into the Echoside. If you’re a fan of the old board game Quest for Shangri-La you can cop a signed copy of Into the Echoside by winning that tournament as well. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to play these games it’s not needed to play in the tournaments. Where’s a better place to learn than at the Gathering with the Family?

7. Bloodymania

The JCW stage has many dope ass shows for us this year and as always sound like they will be entertaining af, but one stands out as the bloodiest. If you’re not much into wrestling you’ll still like JCW. It’s bloody, funny, and just all out great entertainment. The best show they have done for now the 1oth year running is Bloodymania. This will have JCW stars and some of the biggest names in wrestling. Not to mention, it will be the last chance for you to witness the Rude Boy in the ring. It also hosts Shaggy and KG as commentators who are the best at commentating matches. Bloodymainia 10 will be one of the dopest wrestling shows you will ever witness.

6. New Psychopathic Artist

Announced in the Gathering of the Juggalos Informercial was jaw-dropping news that Psychopathic Records has signed a brand spanking new artist. This artist will be a mystery until we all go to the Gathering and watch their music video on the Big Top Stage Friday night. Being a curious mofo I can’t wait to see who this artist is!

5. Rhythmic Illusions Fire Tribe

These fire breathers and dancers really heat up the Gathering of the Juggalos. They are excited to work it every year being Juggalos themselves. One of the female fire dancers was even in the Miss Juggalette Pagent. It isn’t the only music festival they perform at though. They have their own show at the Gathering but they perform every night at Bizarro World and in front of the main stage. It’s pretty awesome to watch them play with fire. A group of ninjas are always crowded around them no matter where they are performing. It’s also pretty awesome to watch them while the main stage artist play.

4. ICP Seminar

This seminar is always packed and for a good reason. This is where the 6th Joker’s Card was revealed and a shit ton of dope ass news since. But that’s not all! ICP a lot of time gives out some dope ass treasure you won’t be able to get anywhere else, not even Hatchet Gear. That is where they gave away copies of the stale Chronicles of the Dark Carnival DVD one year and the fresh Phantom Gathering Exclusive album last year. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear straight from Violent J and Shaggy what is happening with Psychopathic and possibly cop some rare shit.

3. Wizard of the Hood

Gathering 17Ninjas have been wanting to see this album played out in its entirety for years. We listen to this album picturing the story in our head just imagining how it would play out. It will be an epic performance with every artist playing their part. I believe every ninja attending the Gathering is looking forward to this amazing theatric performance of a beloved album. This is definitely the reason some Juggalos will even be coming to Gathering 17. It was mind blowing when Psychopathic announced this performance. This isn’t something you’ll be able to see anywhere else. If you could only see one show the whole Gathering this is the bitch you see! It’s probably boggling your mind this isn’t the number one thing to be stoked for this year’s Gathering. See you at the Main Stage for this epic once in a lifetime show.

2. Insane Clown Posse! ICP! ICP!

Damn, Ninja, this is the show you came for. It’s the best ICP show you will ever witness. It’s not your average ICP show by faaar. Sure you got the Faygo Armageddon but they always make the Gathering show extra special. They spend half the Gathering budget on this spectacle. They have had burning men walking the stage, literally shook the ground with tons of fireworks, and last year they let hundreds of Chinese lanterns float to the sky. This is the perfect ending to the Gathering! It may be the end of the fun but it’s the most spectacular ICP show you’ll ever witness and the reason you came.

1. Fam – i – ly! Fam – i – ly!

It’s a Family reunion ya’ll!! The best part of the Gathering is seeing new and old homies. I see a lot of newbies talking about¬† busting their Gathering cherry this year. I’m sure they will be some old school danglers a well. And all those in between. For all you newbies you will find the best part of the Gathering is hanging out with the Family. It makes the whole Gathering go round. It would be nothing without all the Juggalos and it’s to be the biggest year yet being Gathering 17.

2016 Gathering of the Juggalos Infomercial

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