Top Ten Tech N9ne

Top Ten Tech N9ne

Out of 107 songs, here’s the Top Ten Tech N9ne list voted on.

10. K.O.D album’s third track: Demons


9. Special Effects album’s 15th track: Speedom (WWC2)


8. Sickology 101 album’s 17th track: Red Nose


7. Anghellic album’s 12th track: Einstein


6. All 6’s and 7’s album’s fifth track: He’s a Mental Giant


5. Everready (The Religion) album’s ninth track: Caribou Lou


4. Something Else album’s 12th track: So Dope


3. Sickology 101 album’s 13th track: Dysfunctional


2. All 6’s and 7’s album’s fourth track: Am I a Psycho?


And the first pick:

  1. All 6’s and 7’s album’s sixth track: Worldwide Choppers


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