Beloved Toxic Terror Now On Spotify

You know, that fuckin’ amazing shit we still be jammin?


Everybody gets down on some ‘Drugs, Sex, Money & Murder‘ like “Some dumb bitch got me burnt!”. Am I right? I mean, the ripple Independence Day set to motion truly is never ending. It was funky fresh shit to hear the collabs with all these other artists as Twiztid pumped some artist muscle and grew more proficient at what they do.

That album was great and similar to The Darkness – it moved groups of sleeping Juggalos to wake up to a truth they may never before have been able to identify. They too just might be a hatchet wieldin’ faygo launchin’, face paintin’ Juggalo. It melted this barrier between our side of the underground fence and another.

For the dedicated family members – Twiztid, of course, saved the best. Accompanying Independence Day, which hit #57 on the Billboard 200 and #4 on the Top Independent Albums chart, was the drop of that dope family shit, that sound where The Family reigns supreme – Toxic Terror.

Seamlessly tying together past present and future – Toxic Terror laid that familiar family shit down like some roided out muscle man mic drops 300 pounds of weights. With jams like “The Sickness” and “Feel Me” giving us glimpses into the sounds to come while melding with that old school Juggalo vibe, the Twiztid delivered the goods in an incredible way.

With the recent Spotify inclusion of this fuckin fresh ep – we just felt the need to recall the days of its glory. In fact ninjas – we’re going right now to turn off ‘owner of the lonely heart’ on the FM and get some Toxic Terror in our lives. Join us?