Trailer Park Boys Season 10 Announcement

Trailer Park Boys Season 10

Trailer Park Boys Season 10 is coming very soon!  Deeeeecent! The news comes direct from the boys themselves!  Recently Mike Smith, better known as Bubbles dropped the news of a March release, but didn’t give the exact date of release.  Well that news is finally here, and it comes via the official Trailer Park Boys twitter account!

Trailer Park Boys which gained fame in Canada in the early/mid 2000’s and in the late 2000’s in the United States after being added to Netflix follows the residents of Sunnyvale Trailer Park up in Canada. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are the main characters played by Rob Wells, John Paul Tremblay, and Mike Smith respectively. The three actors also serve as the main writers of the show. Every episode from seasons 1-9 are currently on Netflix for viewing.  Alex Lifeson of Rush and Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row have served as guests in the past as well.

In June of last year we dropped y’all the news of some special guests to appear in season 10, photo’s from the set also surfaced in early June as well.


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