At the 17th annual Gathering of the Juggalos, Majik Ninja Entertainment had a huge presence to say the least! Twiztid released an exclusive EP called Trapped for the ninjas who were in attendance. It is about 16 minutes long, 4 tracks. The first thing you might notice is the change in Jamie Madrox and Monoxide’s voices. I really loved the new approach in their rap styles. You can tell they are on a whole different level than what they usually do. For the most part of the EP I kept thinking how different the sound is. Then it dawned on me while listening to “My Killa” that they seem to be doing a Psychopathic Rydas vibe! In my opinion it is called “Trapped” because it’s Trapp style music! Most of the lyrics is definately true to our ninjas’ nature. Foe Foe and Lil’Shank up in this bitch! The sexy strip club vibes are all over! Pretty much some styles that you would hear in the mainstream cliques. Honestly I really enjoyed it! It’s definately different and I can appreciate that they seemed to have a good time putting these tracks down. They are something I can see myself bumping in my truck loud as fuck with the windows down and fools at the red light next to me asking “Who that is??” haha!

Luckily you can get yourself a copy at Twiztid Shop for only ten dollars. I hope this is something they continue to roll with! It would be the shit to add Blaze, R.O.C, Lex and G-MO Skee to the crew next time!


1.My Killa


3.Make it Rain

4.Sum Head Hoe