Twiztid 4/20 And Smokers History


It’s time to break out the rolling papers, bongs, lighters, and bud, ninjas!!! Today is that special stoner holiday, 4/20! Every year on this day (though let’s be honest, most people make every day April 20th), weed smokers and bong tokers from all over get higher than the sky! The full story behind this particular date being chosen is kind of a long one, but this isn’t about that right now. In fact, I am going to take ya’ll on a journey through time. The timeline I’ll be going by? Twiztid and what they’ve brought to the table for all potheads to enjoy.

First stop on the 4/20 time machine, it’s time to bring back an old-school juggalo favorite; 2nd Hand Smoke!

This classic track is on both versions of the Demented Duo’s debut album, Mostasteless. Since 1997, ninjas have been continuously jamming to this song, bong or blunt in hand… “Free your mind, breathe it in…second hand smoke”.

Next up, we have “Bagz” off of the album Freek Show!

This 2000 track is for those weed smokers who just don’t give a fuck! Burned my fingertips? So what! Ya’ll mothafackos aren’t afraid to smoke mad bags of weed, just like Madrox and Monoxide… “I hope you brought the papers, you know I brought the trees. So roll another joint and hand that bitch to me”.

Our third stop through time is going to be a look back on what is now one of the most sought-after albums in juggalo history. The Green Book was definitely an album that many had to look forward to back in 2003, and still bump proudly today…

The track “Hydro” is no doubt a smoker’s anthem, plus it features the one and only Lazy-Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. What could possibly be better than that?…“From the chronic to the green ass weed with no seeds…To the boogie that’ll make a motherfuckers lungs bleed…Smoke down in the car, can’t breathe…Everybody wanna smoke with me”.

On this next one, I really hope ya’ll didn’t think I forgot about the real smoker’s anthem…

“So High” is without a doubt one of Twiztid’s most beloved songs. Whether you’re smoking or not, this 2005 track off Man’s Myth is a must for juggalos to rock the dead to!…“I’m so high…And I’m never coming down, never coming down…I’m so high…Never ever gonna touch the ground”.

Now we’ll step into the year 2007 with Independent’s Day

The track “My Favorite” features DJ Clay and is a high-energy, get as high as you can favorite!…“Light it up, smoke it up, ya’ll. You’re my favorite. Puff puff, pass that shit. You’re my favorite one”.

Finally, going all the way to 2013 after Twiztid’s unfortunate departure from Psychopathic Records, their first independent album A New Nightmare included a personal favorite…

“Wasted” part one features several great artists, including: Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Ajax, Bukshot, Jahred of (hed)P.E., Jelly Roll, Lil Wyte, Johny Richter (ex-Kottonmouth Kings), and Liquid Assassin. This is one of those all-around songs, where you could be smoking, drinking, whatever the hell it is you wanna do that without a doubt gets you WASTED! “Come with us and then get undressed…See how wasted we can get…Get high, get drunk, get high…Get drunk, get high…Get WASTED! Puff, sip, puff, sip, puff, sip…Get WASTED!”

Now that we’ve made it through all the 4/20 hits (slight pun intended), let’s take a look at the official celebrations that have been going down in recent years…

On April 20, 2013, Twiztid hosted their very first 4/20 show. This went down during their Abominationz tour, the first leg. Along with the duo, there were guest appearances from Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Ajax, Trill, and Scum. The show was completely sold out!

The clouded party became annual when the second came around on April 20, 2014. This was part of the Bootleg Banner tour with special guests Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, Johnny Richter, The R.O.C., Ajax, Smokehouse Junkies, and Origix & DC.

The third annual 4/20 show took place on April 20, 2015 in Pontiac, Michigan. Special guests included Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Mike E. Clark, The R.O.C., Prozak, Ajax, Swag Toof, and Insane E.

With all that history now embedded in your psyche, there is one last thing to include…

This year, Twiztid will be hitting the road once again, but for a FULL WEEKEND!!!


East Coast juggalos are the lucky ones this year and the lineup is certainly NOT one to miss! Starting today in Pontiac, Michigan, Twiztid and crew will be heading to Binghamton, New York, Reading, Pennsylvania, and ending in Providence, Rhode Island on April 24th. Make sure you get your tickets and VIP packages TODAY!!!

HAPPY 4/20, YA’ll!

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