Twiztid 420 Weekend Review – Reading, PA


What up, family? It’s your homie Kendo here, dropping a review for the Twiztid 420 show in Reading, Pennsylvania. I want to start this by saying WOW! From top to bottom, this show was live as hell. From the artists to the juggalos themselves, the whole night was turned up. With that being said, let’s jump right into things.

First off, we have a jam-packed line up with big names like Boondox, The R.O.C., Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Lex the Hex Master, and of course, Twiztid and The Wickedness. Now if that’s not enough to make your jaw hit the floor, then I got some more for that ass. This show also featured other great underground artists such as AJAX, Insane E, Davey Suicide, The Real Chaos, and Trilogy. On top of all that freshness, there was also a big line up of openers from around the Pennsylvania area. First to start the night was CMASS but honestly, I can’t tell you much about this artist due to the fact that I can’t find any information. Next up was Kace The Unstoppable from Elmira, NY, who is currently signed to FlopHouse Records. To take the stage next was Battleaxe ECW. Again, there was not much I could find on them. Rocking the stage next was Sixx oh Seven, a group from upstate New York, and in my opinion, they schooled it. Up next was Lungz who is also from Elmira, NY, and is now a solo artist. Moving along, up next was D-RaNGD from Lehigh Vally, Pennsylvania, and is singed to Overpower Productions. Next up to rock the mic was Jordan Royale, who is a Reading, Pennsylvania native. However, he now lives in New Jersey. I was also honored to sit down with Jordan for an interview the night before the show, so look out for that soon.

Coming to the stage next was JPK from New Brunswick, Nnew Jersey, and he is signed to 40 Drop/Kush Effect. Next up was my homie Insane E rom East Palestine, Ohio, and currently works with MNE doing graphic designs. I was blessed to sit down with Insane E for a interview, as well, so be on the look out for that. I hope you are all still with me because there’s much more to come! Next was The Real Chaos from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and he is singed to VerZatile Records. I gave to give it up to him because he killed it! Killing the stage next was a juggalo favorite, AJAX from Livonia, Michigan. He is singed to Purple Hash Productions and if you have yet to see him live, you’re missing out on such a great act. Next up was my homie Trilogy from Flint, Michigan, who now lives in Chicago, Illinois. Trilogy is another juggalo favorite and I was also honored to be able to chop it up with him in an interview, also coming soon. The next act to hit the stage was the newcomer to MNE. The homie Lex The Hex Master hit the stage and rocked the ninjas in Pennsylvania. Next to the stage was MNE’s own and long-time ninja, The R.O.C., and you know he killed it just like always. Next up was Davey Suicide and trust me when I say that they rocked the hell out of the ninjas there! The next artist was also a juggalo favorite. That’s right, it’s the Scarecrow Boondox and needless to say, you know he killed it. He even did a rare track that he doesn’t perform much on stage (video coming soon).

Taking the stage next was the Fam’s dead homie, better know as Blaze. I feel like I don’t need to say much because you all know that Blaze rocks that shit every time he takes the stage. However, I will say it was dope that he brought out Lex and R.O.C. to school some tracks at the end of his set. Now most people would call this a show for the records already, but it’s not over yet, ninjas. Taking the stage with a late start time of 12:40am, the Demented Duo came out. That’s right, Twiztid! You know the place went crazy. After a few songs, the guys had their band The Wickedness come out and rock the rest of the set with them. If you have yet to see Twiztid perform with The Wickedness, then you need to get out from under your rock and go peep that shit because its super dope! Well, that’s about all the action for the night. The show went till about 2:00am, and the ninjas were turned up from open to close. It was a great night out in Reading and if you missed out… Well, sucks to be you! Okay, ninjas. Until next time, I’m your homie Kendo. Much family love and 2 whoops. Peace, ya’ll.

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