Twiztid – A Place In The Woods

Mixing hip-hop and rap rock with a Juggalo flair, Detroit duo Twiztid are premiering their video for “A Place In The Woods” on Billboard, featured below. Jamie Madrox and Monoxide, who comprise the project, casted actors Sid Haig and Kane Hodder, best known for their roles in The Devil’s Rejects and the Halloweenfranchise, respectively. 

“A Place In the Woods” is featured on Twiztid’s most recent album, The Darkness,released earlier this year. 

Twiztid Plots New Label and Upcoming Album

Monoxide told Billboard, “It’s another successful step closer to our segue into making horror films. Buckle up because the ride has just begun!”

“It gives me chills when I watch it… This is the closest thing to a horror movie we have filmed to date,” added Madrox.