More Twiztid Albums Added to iTunes And Spotify!


There are few things in this world that make me happier than seeing new music added to iTunes, especially when it’s an album or otherwise that I’ve been waiting for. So if you’re anything like me, you may just be especially excited about the Twiztid albums that have recently been added to both iTunes and Spotify. While records such as Freek Show, Mirror Mirror, and The Darkness have been available since the beginning, ninjas now have the opportunity to bump the following works at any time:

Cryptic Collection (Holiday Edition)

Cryptic Collection (Halloween Edition)

End Of Days EP

Toxic Terror

Of course, once you’re finished enjoying those classics, you can still enjoy all of the other Twiztid albums that iTunes and Spotify have to offer…

iTunes & Spotify

Freek Show

The Darkness

Abominationz (Madrox & Monoxide editions)

A New Nightmare


Get Twiztid – EP

Mutant Remixed & Remastered

Heartbroken & Homicidal

Mutant Volume 2

Cryptic Collection Volume 3

Independence Day

Man’s Myth

Cryptic Collection Volume 4

Mirror Mirror

Cryptic Collection

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