Twiztid Bring The Wicked To Thunder Bay

Twiztid, Thunder Bay, TB News

Twiztid are already deep into their Canadian Juggalo Invasion Tour, knocking back Canadian wigs almost every night. Before leaving for the Great White North, Monoxide called in to speak with the TB News website for an interview. Speaking on what separates Twiztid from other artists, the work put into The Darkness, and even hinting at two future book releases! This will be the first time that the Demented Duo will be making a stop in Thunder Bay, Ontario, so it’s easy to see why juggalos from that area may be unaware of what to expect from a show. Luckily, Monoxide clues them in a bit…

“We are some of the greatest live performers you’ll ever see. Hands down, we put every ounce of energy into every word that comes out of our mouths.  We put on a show. There’s nobody that sounds like us, even though they try to look like us.  We’re doing something other people can’t.  I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, that’s easy.  We never have.”

To read the rest of the exclusive and information-filled interview, hop over to the official TB News website.

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