Twiztid Bring Their Brand Of Horrorcore To Canada


Coming up this Spring, Twiztid and crew will be making their devastating return to Canada! They have not seen our homies from the North since 2013, but they will be back for their Canadian Juggalo Invasion tour, starting in Brantford, Ontario, on March 25th. This will be the second time the duo have been to this stop, so to catch up with Madrox and MonoxideTyler Mitchell of the BScene website got an opportunity to speak with them and ask some questions. They speak on the differences between Canadian and United States audiences, as well as the biggest misconception people often have of the them.

BScene: What’s the biggest misconception about Twiztid?

Monoxide: That we’re evil.

Madrox: Ummm… we are space aliens from another dimension that only wear make up to cover the fact that we are not human; that and we are pagans that worship demons and drink blood. NOT TRUE. .ALL OF IT, NOT TRUE; except for the drinking blood part. Yeah… we drink blood!

Let’s hope that response doesn’t scare Canadians TOO much! To read up on the rest of the interview, hop over to BScene and get some knowledge dropped!

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