Twiztid opens THE VAULT at!


       Are you looking for the wicked shit? Are you seeking the eerie, or the freakish, or simply demand to be clad in some of the most evilest clothing that ever materialized straight from the bowels of Hell itself? If the answer is hell yes, then you have to look no further then That’s right, fiends of the FreekShow, the TWIZTID VAULT over at the TWIZTID-SHOP.COM website is now officially open. For a limited time, the demonic duo, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide will be holding a silent auction where they will be making some very rare, in some cases so rare that it’s one of a kind, artifacts of the dead publicly available. Do you want to know how to get some of these mysterious items of freshness? Simply follow the link below, and then click on the photo of the merchandise that you’re interested in! It’s that fucking simple, homies!
      Dare to enter THE VAULT Juggalos? Click HERE

MNE-Twiztid the vault

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