Chulitas Twiztid Playlist Old and New


A few days ago I was asked to create a playlist of some of my favorite Twiztid songs or videos. At first I thought that may get a bit redundant, so I asked if it had to be all Twiztid. I was thinking I should possibly include some LSP, Strange Music, Native World Inc. and of course anything Psychopathic. I was told that it was fine to include others, so I began to compile the list. As I worked I found myself adding and adding then practically getting off on all the songs I had left behind in my memory. Realizing that I’ve been listening to Twiztid for over half my life, it was so much fun going back and listening to these songs. I want to share this with you all and see what songs bring you back. I feel like I could make a list five thousand songs long and I still would not be finished. Here is a snippet of my list, I hope you enjoy!



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