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Twiztid Shop Releases Fresh New Merchandise For Home And More!

Twiztid Shop

The official place to get your Majik Ninja Entertainment gear, Twiztid Shop, has always been known to bring the freshness. From shirts, jerseys, and hat pins, the heads over at TS seem to be dropping something new every other week. In fact, the past few weeks or so have been filled with announcements of new items. As of now, there are blankets, rugs, Halloween masks, and sweet ladies gear for all you juggalettes! Peep some of the freshness below…


Twiztid Demented Duo Blanket Queen Size 73″x 89″ Blanket



Twizitd Split Face Queen Size 73″x 89″ Blanket



Twiztid Freek Show Faces 22″ x 24″ Rug



Twizitd Freek Show Limited Edition Mask with box



Twiztid Blood Splattered Dress



Twiztid Blood Splattered Leggings



Twiztid Freekshow Faces Deep V Neck Navy Girly Shirt



Twiztid Freekshow Faces V Neck Navy Girly Shirt



Twizitd Psychomania Logo Purple Ribbed Tank



Twiztid Green Glow in the Dark Vertical Logo Open Bottom Sweat Pants


Head over to the shop today and cop some fresh new merchandise before it’s all gone!!!

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