Twiztid stays at home with the fam!


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Jamie Maddrox sits down with  and they have an interview about their darkness album, the creativity of their music, and much MORE! Check out the interview down below and find out what all Maddrox has to say.

Your latest album, “The Darkness,” has been out for almost a year now. What’s been the general reaction to the album with your fans? Are they enjoying the new material? Have they been supportive during your performances?

First of all let me respectively correct you – we don’t have fans, we have family. That being said, yes, the fam has really been feeling the newest material from us and they are very interactive with us during live performances: moshing, chanting and singing along with us. So yeah, I feel blessed that they dig it.

Every artist has a different creative process. How do you guys write and create your songs? Is it an ongoing effort? Do you have a specific system for jotting down thoughts and ideas? Does it happen all at once, or over a long period of time?

It varies. A lot of our material is written ahead of time, (with) no music. In those situations I usually bring my concept song to Monoxide Child and if he’s feeling it we then seek out music and start structuring the song. Other times we are given beats from producers and if we are drawn to a beat we will just sit and write the track right there on the spot.

I don’t think many genres have changed as much over the last 10 years as rap has. Where do you see the art form heading? Are you encouraged by the direction, or do you have concerns?

As with any art form, evolution is inevitable, so we do understand that. But at the same time, we don’t really let it control us as artists. We remain current, as we do pay attention to the evolution of music and sometimes it may influence us, but for the most part we stay centered to our core sound.

What’s your personal goal while performing live?

For me, I like to give 110 percent when I’m live on stage. I’m extremely honored that people come to see us live and I feel very strongly that they deserve the very best show we can give them each and every night we hit the stage. And of course we want our audience to have fun – after all, that’s the whole point of going out to a show. And lastly, we have been upping the ante on creativity on tour this time around by painting our face differently each night and the fam – as well as us – are really getting a kick out of it.

Halloween is definitely the best holiday. If you were the President of Halloween, what would you do to make it even better?

Easy enough. If I were President of Halloween, I would make sure that my wickedly special holiday appears in each and every calendar month of the year, which would keep it going on a month-to-month basis. Because waiting all year for something as special as Halloween can feel like forever!