Twiztid Strive For Longevity – Interview With Beatroute

Twiztid, Beatroute, Canadian Juggalo Invasion Tour

Most ninjas out there know that Twiztid have been in this industry for the long-haul since day one. That being said, it’s easy to understand why they would be so apt to keep their movement alive. In a recent interview with Graeme Wiggins of Beatroute, Monoxide shines a light on just what it means to him and partner Jamie Madrox to still be putting out the wicked shit for as long as they have. According to him, they have absolutely no plans of stopping. He was quoted as saying, “…but if I can fucking go out and rock ‘We Don’t Die’ at 70, then fucker I’m gonna do it”.

In this interview, Monoxide also mention his thoughts on the legalization of weed, and even Macklemore! Check out the rest of it on the official Beatroute website.

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