Twiztid Talk With The Barrie Examiner About Canadian Tour

Twiztid, The Barrie Examiner

Twiztid’s trek to Canada for their Canadian Juggalo Invasion Tour begins next week, bringing with them a devastating crew of opening artists. Before they leave for the Great White North,¬†Monoxide granted an interview with The Barrie Examiner, a local newspaper out of Barrie, Ontario where they will be visiting for a tour stop. The very intimate interview goes in-depth with the duo’s extensive musical career, as well as some personal stories that perhaps juggalos may not know about. Added to that, Mono reveals a special treat for the Canadian fam…

“We’re announcing the name of the new record at the meet-and-greet for each show. Canada knows first”.

If that isn’t even more reason to attend a show and purchase a VIP package, I don’t know what is! Check out the rest of the interview over on the official website for The Barrie Examiner to find out more details¬†about the coming year!

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